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How sell my house? ¿What can I do to sell my house fast?? Indeed, getting the maximum price and in the minimum time are the two main objectives of those who want to sell your home. If this is your case, we give you the key: invest in a small “face lift”! The figures are unquestionable, a refurbished home increases in value by up to 15%. And, it is not necessary to invest in some very expensive works. We summarize what are the most effective actions.


Now that you have an idea of how much is a renovated house valued, surely the idea of ​​spending a small amount to improve your home is no longer so uncomfortable. The kitchen is, without a doubt, a focus of interest of any potential buyer. As specialists in kitchen reform in Mallorca We assure you that changing the doors of the furniture using neutral colors and adding a color element is usually more than enough.

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Along with the kitchen, another of those spaces that are decisive in deciding a home purchase. Experience shows us that the bathroom reform in Palma de Mallorca It works if you play with the coatings. Tiles, wall paint and tiles allow you to recreate the most suggestive bathrooms.

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The terraces have gone from being ignored rooms to becoming real objects of desire by aspiring homeowners. In apartments with a few meters, closing them is a way to gain living space. In larger houses, the objective is glazing to be able to enjoy them at any time of the year. If you decide to leave your terrace open, condition it to see its full potential. And, always, light, lots of light.

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This is another of the most valued aspects in homes. No matter the size, it is essential that you enable places to organize and store all kinds of objects. Of course, wardrobes for clothes, but also kitchen utensils or children's toys. How reform company in Mallorca We know well that it is easy to create custom cabinets and hidden from view. They are the most valued.


The installation of air conditioning or air conditioners that keep the temperature of a home stable is one of the jewels that most influence when selling your home. More in high temperature areas like ours. In fact, the construction companies in Mallorca they usually include this element as one of the essentials in their new building projects.

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Have you heard of Home Staging? No one is more indicated than the Xarxa Homes team to explain it to you. We were the real estate agency in Mallorca pioneering in offering this service! It is an innovative marketing technique that seeks to sell even the most complicated homes fast. To achieve this, we do a complete set-up of your house. From giving each space its most logical use, to rearrange the furniture or buy some special pieces. The objective is to present an attractive home in the eyes of the client.

Stop looking tips to enhance my homein Xarxa Homes we provide the most effective for you. They are the direct result of our professional experience as real estate agency in MallorcaSo we never put the sale a property without having previously studied the market in your area or the buyer's profiles. Thus, in case of recommending a reform, we know exactly which will be the most profitable to revalue your house. Contact us and you will see it live!

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