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Xarxa Homes - Architecture and design projects for the house you dream of

Xarxa Homes is a construction and renovation company located on the island of Mallorca with more than 50 years of experience behind it. Founded by Miguel Ángel Borrás in 1966 and since then it has become a true benchmark in the island's real estate market. Offering its clients a very complete service that covers all the details from start to finish to get the house they have always dreamed of; from the choice of the most suitable terrain to the construction of the house, through the architectural design of the house.

The company has a magnificent team of experts in each field (architects, designers, builders, etc.), but they collaborate together to have a global vision of the entire project, because each decision made influences the next. A house is a life project and to make it come true a global project is required, where the best professionals in each issue work together to achieve results that even exceed the expectations of the clients.

For this, an interactive work process is carried out, where the client can follow in detail the steps that are being taken, being able to see in real time the land proposals, the architectural design of his new home and the process of construction, so that all the decisions that are taken are not only in the hands of the team, but are joint and the client can participate in everything he deems appropriate. Without ever leaving aside the values ​​that have always characterized Xarxa Homes and that define it today: sincerity, transparency, attention to detail, the value of the word given and listening to the customer.

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