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How to choose a commercial premises in Mallorca for my business

by Xarxa · July 19, 2020

Good news for the entrepreneurs of our extraordinary island! Find a commercial premises in Mallorca it will stop being one of your concerns from now on. Our privileged position as Real estate agency in Mallorca With a wide implementation, it allows us to give you the best advice to make your business project a reality. And, of course, offer you our availability to facilitate this search.


This is your first important decision, choosing to rent or buy. Our experience has shown us that the purchase option is much more complete. Always clear, taking into account the financial reality of your company. But, the truth is that buy a commercial premises in Palma de Mallorca is one of the most profitable investments you can make. It is a capital that you will always recover. In addition, having that space in property provides you with other indisputable and advantages:

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  • Each type of business requires specific characteristics. It is almost impossible for you to find the commercial premises in Mallorca that fit perfectly with what your company needs. Because, setting up a cocktail bar has nothing to do with opening a hairdresser, a craft store or a restaurant, to give you some examples. If the place is rented, doing reforms is complicated. And, above all, money that you will lose if you move at some point.
  • A good location implies constant increases in the rental price. The success of any business depends largely on getting it right where you open it. And, of course, everyone is looking for the most central, busiest and best-communicated areas. The owners of these commercial premises in Palma de Mallorca know that they have no trouble renting them, so it is normal for them to increase rents frequently.
  • Comply with legal requirements. Be careful to launch yourself into a business without taking into account the regulatory requirements that refer to that type of economic activity! The minimum meters of the kitchen of a restaurant, the obligatory of a toilet for the disabled in the restoration. Or the lighting, accessibility and spaces to set up a consultancy… Anyway, they are details that you have to incorporate into your premises and that it will be difficult for you to find in a rented premises. Again, you will have to have the services of a reform company in Mallorca.

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Each city has its secrets and you better know them before deciding where to locate your company. It is true that it depends on the sector, you will need to ensure some capacities or others. However, there are some areas that have it all, such as the Santa Catalina case. It is an always fashionable neighborhood!

The most flirtatious shops, the most visited restaurants are interspersed with modernist buildings and colorful country houses. A corner with a unique charm and focus of all eyes. Here we have found a spectacular commercial premises in Mallorca. Safely meet any of the demands of your business. Spacious, bright, renovated and adaptable to different ideas of business activity. You have to know it!

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You have already verified that in Xarxa Homes We have a beautiful and versatile commercial premises in Mallorca, located in one of the most vibrant and active areas of the city. But, our services are much more extensive. They cover the traditional facets that a real estate agent covers in Mallorca and others exclusive to ours, such as Project Management or Home Staging. Because we not only sell houses in Mallorca! Ours is an exclusive commitment to each of our clients.

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