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There are some methods of selling properties that are not well known. Our experience as real estate agency in Mallorca It will be very useful once again! Did you know that selling your home does not always mean that you have to stop living in it? Well, it's time for you to discover how you can do it.





It is not a trick that Mallorca real estate agencies use to twist the law. The Civil Code does not expressly include this figure of the bare ownership, but yes the usufruct, that is, the lifetime use and enjoyment of the home by the seller. Of course, it is reserved for a very specific type of owner, those over 65.


sell house mallorca


To better understand it, normally whoever buys a home does so in the format of full control. This means that it acquires bare ownership (possession of an asset) and its usufruct (right to use it). If you want to sell your house and continue living in it, what you formalize is the transfer of the bare property, but you keep the usufruct.

It is a contract for the sale of houses with all the legal guarantees. Do not worry because both seller and buyer preserve their security, since these circumstances are reflected in the Property Registry and they are guaranteed in the presence of the notary.




This peculiar formula of houses for sale in Mallorca It is intended for those who need immediate liquidity, but do not want to leave their home. A profile that grows year by year as it corresponds mainly to older people, who supplement their retirement with this income without giving up to continue living in their usual home.


sell house Mallorca


Couples or people over 65 who live alone and have no heirs improve the quality of life in their later years, thanks to this option to sell houses while maintaining the usufruct. In addition, they reduce their expenses, since they only have to pay for consumption (water, electricity, gas ...) because taxes (IBI or garbage) and community expenses, including extra spills, are paid by the new owner.

But, the advantages do not stop there. Not only do you receive payment of the full amount of the sale immediately and you can continue to live in your house, even if you have sold it. The law allows you to rent it and keep the full amount of that rent. In this case, the only limitation is that the lease ends automatically with the death of the usufructuary.




Although it may seem incredible to you, real estate companies are closing more and more house purchase operations in Mallorca under this figure of bare ownership. Of course, in most cases behind these sales is a real estate investor who is not in a hurry to make use of the property. It is a medium-long term operation.

But, they are not necessarily professional investors. As an individual who has a certain capital, you can choose this formula to invest your money. The main advantage is that you buy at a lower price, because it is usually calculated by discounting a percentage taking into account the life expectancy of the seller. In addition, they are usually flats or houses in Palma de Mallorca with an exceptional location, places to which the new buildings do not have access.


sell house Mallorca


En Xarxa Homes We immediately put our entire team of professionals to work houses for sale in Mallorca so that you find a solution to your measure. Also in this interesting variant that allows you to sell your home and continue living in it. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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