A home is not a static element. It is growing and transforming at the same rate as those who inhabit it. Or is it what should happen!

That does not mean that you have to undertake a profound reform before each change. On the contrary, the experience we have at Xarxa Homes as experts in construction and reforms in Mallorca is that, many times, the difference is made by small maintenance services.

Therefore, it is also one of the priorities of our activity. Once again, you can count on us to cover those varied maintenance services that all homes demand.


Both in community buildings and in single-family homes, always taking care of the garden, practicing the appropriate actions at each time of the year, is a priority. Not only for aesthetics, but also because the spread of pests or an unnecessary accumulation of dirt is avoided.

Hiring a gardening service is an investment that will only bring you benefits, at Xarxa Homes we make sure that it suits your needs, that you pay only for what your garden needs, no inexplicable charges.

The same happens with glass surfaces, large windows have long been one of the trends that prevail in all types of buildings. More in an environment as spectacular as that of Mallorca, where you want to enjoy its incredible views at all times. It is logical that they are a highly valued element, but it is also true that they require constant maintenance. And it is impossible for individuals to get anywhere near the impeccable results achieved by glass cleaning professionals. It will be very easy to check it with the ones we send you. Sure you repeat

Impeccable swimming pools or the installation of alarms for your safety are two other examples of these simple but essential actions that help you enjoy your home to the fullest. For all of them you can count on Xarxa Homes. Always with the guarantee that we look for and propose you the most suitable professional depending on your needs. That is the only criterion with which we select them.


Xarxa Homes is a company closely linked to Mallorca. The qualities and possibilities that this land offers have no secrets for us. That knowledge allows us to offer a plus of services to our clients. We love to serve as advisers and consultants who guide and solve problems in matters that go beyond the strict scope of home maintenance.

Do you have an important appointment and don't know which restaurant to take it to? Where can you rent a vehicle? Is there a spa or sports center near where you live? You may be surprised that we ask these questions. But it is that, at Xarxa Homes we also have an answer for all these situations. After years in contact with people who come from abroad to live in Mallorca, we have verified that these types of issues affect their integration. Even more so in the case of foreigners who, by the way, are an important part of our population. If this is your case, we even found you a Spanish teacher so that you can handle the language right away!

We are unconditional fans of the excellence of Mallorca and we want everyone who comes to know our island to feel at home immediately and decide to stay with us. So we decided to give a professional answer to this type of issue. And, yes, thanks to our network of collaborators, we announce that you can count on our help for any management in which you feel lost or simply do not have time to take care of them yourself. We bring the best of Mallorca to your home!


In all these years of real estate activity, one of our business objectives is expansion. But, at Xarxa Homes we have a different concept of this term than the one generally used in the business world. For us, success is measured, of course, in the number of relationships we establish with our clients. But, it is just as important for us to fulfill years attending to your needs. A stable and trust-based relationship!

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than receiving a call from a customer who requests a maintenance service when years have passed since we took care of finding your home. Or that, now that your priorities have changed, you can count on Xarxa again to sell the house that we take care of building for you. But, above all, we want to anticipate your wishes. Have solutions for any problem that may arise regarding your home. Act when you need it and for what you need!


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