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by Xarxa December 15, 2023
Dazzle Prospective Buyers: Discover the Art of Home Staging

When you want to sell your home quickly and get the best possible price, photos and presentation are key. At Xarxa we are experts in home staging, and we manage to make potential buyers fall in love with your home. If…

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by Xarxa December 07, 2023
The best of December 2023 in Mallorca

Welcome to the magical island of Mallorca, where December dresses up to celebrate to offer you a unique experience, full of events and essential plans! In this article we will guide you through the best moments…

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by Xarxa November 27, 2023
Decorate your home with style and simplicity!

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching: Christmas. And while we love getting into the festive spirit, we don't always have the time for elaborate decorations. But don't worry, because here are four quick…

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by Xarxa November 21, 2023
Maximizing Black Friday Deals:

Black Friday, formerly a Friday, more specifically the fourth Friday of the month of November but the truth is, we don't really know how it happened but we have been receiving Black Friday offers all month long,…

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by Xarxa November 17, 2023
Christmas markets in Majorca 2023

On these dates that we love so much, the island dresses up with lights, joy and the unmistakable aroma of roasted chestnuts. Yes, you've got it right! We are entering the most magical time of the year and the whole…

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by Xarxa November 10, 2023
The 5 decorating trends that will be the biggest hits in 2024

When it comes to decorative trends, there are two opposing positions: those who embrace them naturally and those who choose not to follow the current. However, for the latter group, avoiding them and not succumbing…

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by Xarxa October 30, 2023
The best events of november 2023 in Mallorca

Get ready for a November full of fun in Mallorca! This month, the island is filled with activities and events that will make you not want to miss a single day. From music festivals to food fairs, Mallorca has something…

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by Xarxa October 27, 2023
Decorate your home for Halloween 2023!

Next Tuesday the 31st of October is Halloween. Yes, we know that it is not a typical festivity of our island but more and more neighbourhoods of Palma and towns like Consell are joining in with the costumes and…

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by Xarxa October 23, 2023
Multiply the Value of Your Inheritance

According to a report recently published by Fotocasa: 'The profile of young heirs with properties for sale or rent is increasing.' In three years, heirs aged between 25 and 34 have gone from representing 8% to…

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by Xarxa October 19, 2023
Sant Honorat and Panellets: Traditional Sweets for All Saints' Day in Mallorca

In Mallorca, All Saints' Day is celebrated in a special way with the tradition of "Panellets" or "Panellets de Sant Honorat." These are small typical pastries that are consumed during this festivity. Here are some…

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by Xarxa October 13, 2023
The best events in the second half of October in Mallorca

Autumn has arrived in Mallorca, bringing with it a wide variety of events to enjoy in the second half of October. At Xarxa Homes, we keep you informed about the most exciting activities taking place on the island…

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by Xarxa September 22, 2023
The 10 best plans and places to visit in Mallorca in autumn

Mallorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean, offers much more than sun and beach. Autumn is a delightful season on the Balearic Island, with mild temperatures ranging from 27 to 15°C, fewer crowds, and an autumnal…

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