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Mallorca is famous throughout the world for the beauty and exclusivity of its fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. These delicious coves meander and follow each other along the coast, waiting for you to enjoy the highest quality sun and beach. And why reduce that pleasure to a few days? Take advantage of the exclusive services of our real estate agency in Mallorca and find or, even better, build the house of your dreams in the surroundings of Cala Viñas, one of those incredible enclaves where you want to stay and that time stands still.




Cala Viñas is a beautiful beach, about 80 meters wide, with a wide area of ​​fine white sand that makes its way between two small rock cliffs of low height. It is sheltered from the waves and the water is accessed through a gentle slope. It perfectly represents that genuine Mallorcan cove image where sea and beach mix. It is located 7 kilometers from the town of Calviá, between Cap des Falcó and Magaluf.

In addition to having all kinds of leisure establishments, restaurants and shops, it is a particularly suitable place for anchoring boats with a length of less than 12 meters. It even has a Yacht Club nearby. With all these qualities it is logical that it is one of the priorities of the luxury real estate in Mallorca.


Real Estate Mallorca




In Cala Viñas and surroundings there are a wide variety of vacation homes and all kinds of homes. And, also, our real estate agency has land. So why not take the opportunity to shape that unique and personal home that really is what you want? It is the perfect time for you to have a different proposal like that of Xarxa Homes.

Because ours is an absolutely innovative concept of real estate in Mallorca, Dedicated for more than 50 years to spreading the beauty of our island, we know each of its square meters and its most special places, such as the area of ​​Cala Viñas and surroundings. Therefore, together with us you will have an advantage when buy land in Palma de Mallorca, that you would not get to know otherwise. We have plots in unbeatable locations that they will surely answer what you are looking for.






But, in addition, we are also included in the most select circle of Construction companies in Mallorca. Combining these two qualities and thanks to the professionalism of our multidisciplinary team, we exclusively offer you our Project Management. It is not easy to summarize what it includes, it is enough to point out that we take care of everything: from the search and purchase of that plot that combines what you need, to the paperwork and management that involves buying a piece of land and building your house.


Real Estate Mallorca


Of course, we capture your wishes in the design of your custom home project and carry out those works that will lead you to enjoy a unique residence, the one you had in mind. Thanks to your personal access to our website, you can constantly monitor the evolution of your home. Closer impossible and, from any corner, without having to physically come to check what we do.

And last but not least, even after handing over the keys, we can continue dealing with all kinds of matters for you, from maintenance, to security or administrative procedures. We assure you that you will not find anything comparable to Xarxa Homes, your trusted real estate agency in Mallorca!

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