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It is the perfect time, do not continue delaying that reform in your bathroom. We tell you how you should decorate the bathroom, according to the trends for 2020. A modern space but, that can last you until you get tired! Of course, we recommend that, in addition to looking at merely aesthetic details, take advantage of it to improve its functionality. Dual-flush toilets are essential to save water and flow limiters. Technological innovations from the hand of design.


The classic image of white bathrooms has long since been superseded. In the latest proposals touches of different colors were incorporated, beyond the conventional blue. The trends of this 2020 go one step further and propose a rather groundbreaking idea: add black to our bathrooms.

A tone that seemed at odds with this space in which hygiene is an absolute priority. However, black incorporated in its proper measure and with intelligence, creates elegant, original and very special bathrooms. We suggest some ideas where it works perfectly. The taps, the frame of the partitions or the mirrors and in the light sources and their sconces are, surely, the first places that all come to mind.

Although, if you really want to have a trendy bathroom, you have to risk something else. For example, do you dare to put the entire floor of your bathroom in black? If you choose a natural stone or matt ceramic the result is really spectacular. Also striking is the decorative power of walls or pavements in which geometric shapes are created combining small tiles in black and white.

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As happened when thinking of black, wood does not seem a priori the best material to use in bathrooms. Especially because of the humidity issue. Thanks to new treatments for wood, it can now be placed without fear in even shower areas. Of course, it is an option for floors and also for furniture. Combined with metal and glass, a spectacular effect is achieved. Nordic style bathrooms that are very attractive.

But, not only wood. Natural stones also find a prominent place in new bathroom designs. In this case, what you are looking for is a vintage air and ... let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless and the results very personal. Without forgetting marble, a noble material that contributes a lot to the aesthetics of bathrooms.

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Ceramic in general and tiles in particular are an element intrinsically linked to bathrooms. There are many advantages to this material that are especially used in these rooms. Without a doubt, its easy maintenance and resistance to humidity are two of the most outstanding.

This year's bathroom trend is committed to making the most of the creative possibilities of tiles. For starters, take the ones that are mini-mini size, the smallest you can find. Also, the narrow and elongated ones. And, they are the most, although they are somewhat more expensive, those made by hand. Because what is valued is originality rather than perfection. Thus, the idea is to combine various colors and sizes to recreate exclusive shapes.

bath trends

Fortunately, it has long since ceased to be that hidden corner of our homes. Today they are spaces designed to enjoy. In Xarxa Homes We help you decorate the bathroom, according to the trends for 2020. You will shape your ideal design!

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