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You are still in time to give a different touch to this space of the house that is increasingly sought after. Small or large, urban or rustic, neither the dimensions nor the location will prevent you from using these trends in terrace decoration as a source of inspiration to renew yours. The key is that you combine aesthetics and functionality. It is about creating a corner to enjoy it. Improvise, recycle, take advantage of what you already have. The idea is that with a little creativity and a lot of good taste you will get the result you are looking for. And of course ... show off an exclusive terrace!


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Being unconditional fans of our wonderful islands, we could not begin in any other way than claiming the genuine Mediterranean air as one of the trends in terrace decoration that is always in fashion. The simplicity of this style plays in its favor, allowing it to adapt perfectly to any space, regardless of its size. Its hallmark is the prominence of white and the use of natural materials with simple lines.


It is so versatile that surely many already have Mediterranean-style terrace furniture. If not, you can recycle your sofas or chairs just by upholstering their seats with an off-white canvas or cotton fabric. To achieve a more forceful effect, simply paint the furniture imitating a wood finish in a tone similar to wengue, that elegant brown with a reddish touch. To top it off, decorate with accessories that combine wicker, iron, ceramic and glass. And don't forget to incorporate touches of deep blue in cushions and textiles.


terrace decoration



The minimalist style is not exactly one of the trends to decorate terraces this year. But, there is a solution for you to give a modern touch to yours if you are one of those who had opted for this type of furniture. As what is taken is the ethnic air and the color, you can take advantage of the game that the accessories give to reinvent the decoration of your terrace without losing the simplicity and lightness that you value so much.


Textiles are your best ally in this regard. Simple table runners or placemats in a green, terracotta or bluish shade, for example with an ethnic-inspired finish or embellishments, have an impressive effect on your terrace table and the whole decoration. If you accompany with a few dishes, dishes or chandeliers in this same line, the result is spectacular. In addition, as another trend is to imitate the comfort of your interior on the terrace, dare to place ethnic-style rugs, cushions or plaids to reinforce this decorative commitment.


terrace decoration



If there is an effect that is valued in the decoration of terraces it is that of freshness. And, to achieve this there is nothing comparable to the freshness provided by the presence of plants. There are many formulas for you to incorporate, taking into account that the existence of numerous species. Surely you will find the one that adapts to the characteristics of your available space and your preferences.


Undoubtedly, the top trend in terrace decoration when it comes to plants is vertical gardens. Especially indicated when you have a few meters. In this way you do not subtract a single habitable centimeter. If you choose aromatic plants, in addition to saving time in care, you get a natural air freshener. You only need a light breeze to spread across the terrace!


Once again, it has the team of Xarxa Homes y our experience in the real estate market to guide you. The terrace of your dreams is closer than you imagine!

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