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Are you thinking that the time has come to undertake changes in your home? Do not take a step before taking good note of the trends that will mark interior design this 2020. In general, they invite us to be original, to have fun decorating our houses. These that we have selected will be a unique source of inspiration for you to turn your home into an exclusive and different space.


We started the decade abandoning the uniformity of the Nordic style that reigned in recent years. The first differentiating step is to dare with a much wider and more cheerful color palette. Shocking yellows, fun oranges or refreshing blues and greens are some of the options that we offer you. But also dark tones, especially seductive purples or deep seas.

Don't just use them on textiles or decorative items. The idea is that you incorporate them in certain pieces of furniture or even in walls or cladding. It's up to you!


Wood, stone, marble ... the classics of all life are now essential. The new treatments allow lighter and easier to install formats. So we can experiment with unconventional locations and more shocking mixes. An example are the headboards made of natural stones or stoneware coverings for large surfaces.

Remember that the effect you are looking for is to take full advantage of the beauty of these materials. You have to make them the focus of the eyes.


The rectilinear silhouettes so typical of modern styles are nuanced in new interior design projects. It is about combining them with furniture of seductive rounded shapes. The pieces that will give you the most play are the chairs or the pubs, without forgetting the lamps or the coffee tables. These small objects, which you can easily change places, are very interesting in small rooms because they enhance the visual sensation.


If the 80s have gone down in history for anything, it is because of its taste for excess and for making absolute freedom its hallmark. In the interior design trends for this 2020, a tribute is paid to this fun time, reproducing the two ideas, albeit moderated so that they better suit the tastes of the XNUMXst century.
The shiny finishes, the metallic colors and the great contrasts of shades are three elements with which you can give that eighties look to any room in your house.

But, if you really want to reproduce its iconoclastic style, create shocking associations between the different objects you place in that room. Classic sculptures next to a sofa with ultra-avant-garde design, textiles with geometric drawings next to natural plants ... And don't forget about black, which you can combine directly with white or with other colors, the more distant in the palette, the better.

Interior design trends are not rigid schemes that you have to adhere to, but instruments to shape your personal ideas. These are times of miscegenation and of highlighting the natural. From there, don't set limits. What takes in 2020 are houses to live them, that adapt to you and your preferences. Mallorca It is the perfect setting for enjoying a dream home. Count on our team of professionals to design or renovate your house in detail. In Xarxa Homes We are committed to adapting trends to the needs of each client. Why the goal is to create exclusive homes.

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