Sincerity, transparency, attention to detail, the value of the given word and listening.


Values ​​that make us different from other companies.

Sincerity, transparency, attention to detail, the value of the given word and listening. Values ​​that have always prevailed in Xarxa Homes, in our business culture and to which we will never give up in order to continue offering the best service and getting the customer to be completely satisfied, providing solutions that meet their expectations.

Sincerity and transparency: we keep our clients abreast of the progress made in the construction or renovation of their home. For this, we have a private space exclusively dedicated to you that can monitor the project at all times. We classify and organize the proposals and documents in a private area of ​​the web to which only you will have access. So you can see directly and easily how the project becomes a reality.

Care to detail: the work process that is launched is thorough and interactive. We implement the necessary methodologies to avoid surprises and that the result is just what the client has requested. In this way, it is possible to visualize in advance all the issues related to the design and make joint decisions based on the preferences of the client. In addition, we show you a 3D design so you can know how the house will look before starting the renovation.

The value of the given word: we always have under control every phase of the house reform process. And, if it is about the construction of a new home, we offer a complete service to help the client in each phase of the same, from the search of the ideal land for the construction of the house until the maintenance of the same when it has been finished.

Listen: before designing the new house or offering solutions for reform we listen to all your needs and suggestions so that the results are perfectly adapted to your own lifestyle and that of your family. To do this, we conducted an interview and we provided you with a questionnaire that you should fill out, so that we know in detail what it is you are looking for. And it is that our main priority is to understand what you need.