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by Xarxa · June 28, 2020

Surely you don't need to be convinced that Mallorca is a perfect destination for your holidays. But, it also offers you other possibilities. Besides enjoying, it is an unbeatable option for you to invest. Be a company benchmark real estate in Mallorca allows us to advise you from experience! You are interested in these arguments and reasons because you will no longer have any doubts, you are interested in buying in this exceptional Mediterranean island.

Agencia Inmobiliaria Mallorca


The first feedback we receive in our real estate in Mallorca On the part of our clients, the location of the island, without going into more detail, is a determining factor for most. The luxury of enjoying a paradisiacal destination without having to complicate yourself with traveling for many hours is a compelling reason to make Mallorca a preferred destination. From Germany, the United Kingdom, the Nordic or Central European countries you arrive on our island on flights that last between one and four hours. Even from Moscow, one of the farthest points on the continent, it is around 6 hours!

Remember that in the Balearic Islands there is an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. For any resident in northern or central Europe, having this privileged climate so close and within reach, is an attraction that makes our territory their preferred destination and all year round!



The Balearic Islands receive more than 11 million tourists a year. However, in recent times, efforts have been made to make this arrival of visitors compatible with what we already know as responsible tourism. For this reason, instead of crowded hotels, the focus is on quality accommodation. More and more visitors are looking to rent an independent house isolated from the hustle and bustle.

Xarxa is one of the first construction companies in Mallorca and we have always been dedicated to quality tourism. The result is that those who come to see us often repeat. In the end, the option of buying a lot and building your own home is a perfect solution, you have your house to come whenever you want and you have invested your savings in real estate, which is an outlet that never fails. With the added incentive that, if you want to increase your income you can rent it during the months that you do not use it ... in Mallorca there is tourism all year round!



Any real estate agency in Mallorca  With experience, such as ours, knows that in addition to the climate, the idyllic beaches and an exceptional gastronomy, one of the demands of our clients is to verify that there is a good network of infrastructure in the area where they are going to buy or rent a house.

In this sense, Mallorca is an example of excellent infrastructure. Firstly, it is worth noting the Palma airport, which is directly connected to the main European terminals. For the resident abroad of Europe it is a great advantage to know that they can come to their second home without having to make uncomfortable transfers at intermediate airports.


But, in addition, the network of roads, railways and bus lines is so extensive and modern that it allows you to move to any town in Mallorca without problem and with various options. In Palma a wide variety of urban transport is added to move comfortably in the city. And, we cannot forget the ferries that connect the different islands to each other by sea.

The name of Xarxa Homes stands for real estate and construction in MallorcaFor decades, nobody knows better than us every corner of this island! Therefore, we can assure you that we will find that special lot where you can invest in raising your dream home.

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