Construction of houses in Mallorca for more than 50 years

XARXA Homes: house construction in Mallorca

How many times have you imagined the house where you would like to live? A house where, in addition to feeling comfortable, you can enjoy the garden and swimming pool, and have rooms to accommodate your guests, a recreation room for your children, a large kitchen where you can eat as a family, a library for your books, a winery for your wines… At XARXA Homes we can make your dream come true, designing and building, step by step, the house you have always dreamt of in the area of ​​the island that you like the most.

Our company is a benchmark in the real estate sector and has been offering home construction services in Mallorca for more than 50 years. We stand out for our quality, minimalist, luminous and functional designs. We have a great team of professionals with extensive experience in each discipline, in order to make housing suitable for you and your needs, as well as for your family’s lifestyle, and not the other way around. Our designers, architects and builders carry out a global work, because we know that each step in this kind of project influences the next one and that, otherwise, we could not get results which meet our clients’ expectations perfectly. We control the entire process from its beginning to its completion, from the choice of the ideal land for the project to the maintenance of the house once finished.

Personalized search for the land

We help you find the ideal land for your dream house. After listening to your suggestions and needs through an interview and a personalized questionnaire, we propose different terrains bearing in mind the home you want. All of them will be located in the most privileged areas of the island, either inland or on the coast.

Architecture and design

Once you have chosen the land where the construction of your new home will take place, our professionals will carry out a design project adapted to your demands. In order to do so, we strive to understand even the smallest details of the specific requirements that you have set. In addition, we will show you the 3D design, so you can make any changes necessary before the construction phase starts. Hence, you can have peace of mind and be certain that the result will be just what you expected.

Legal and administrative management

We take care of all the procedures, including legal ones, for the construction of your house in Mallorca, so you do not have to worry about anything. We carry out licence management, work direction, compliance with planning legislation, and applications for the certificate of occupancy. Besides, we offer you advice on the signatures and control the budget at all times so that your original budget is never exceeded.

Construction and Project Management

We carry out a detailed planning of the different phases of the house construction, so that you know exactly when each of them will be developed. Additionally, we will send you photos and videos through the private client area of ​​our website, to which only you will have access, in order for you to have proof of the project’s evolution. As a result, you will be able to keep track of the project’s progress from the comfort of your home, with no need for you to travel to the exact location every time you want to see how the construction progresses. In addition, within the same customer area you can see a report on the breakdown of the expenses made, in order for you to check what is being invested in each budget item. Discover more.

After-sales service

As stated at the beginning, we take care not only of the search for the land, the design and the construction of houses in Mallorca, but also of their maintenance once they have been completed. Through XARXA Homes you can hire different services that will make your daily life more simple and comfortable, so you just have to worry about enjoying your dream house. For example, you will be able to hire cleaning services, security mechanisms, insurance contracts, installation of alarms and emergency systems, and new reform projects which you may deem as appropriate.