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Xarxa Homes is a company that has extensive experience in the real estate sector and the comprehensive reforms of houses in Mallorca. Founded in 1966 by Miguel Angel Borras, our company now has more than half a century behind them, and during this time we have managed to become a true reference thanks to the complete service offered by our great team of professionals, for designers, builders and architects, making our projects from design and construction of houses always stand out for its quality, its minimalism, its luminosity and its functionality. A team of specialists in different disciplines with global vision, because we know that every step that occurs in such projects influences the next.

Our professionals are experts in all types of housing reforms but especially of villas and luxury villas. Homes that require solutions and more complex processes, both the size and the design itself. Because we know that a House is a project of life and that every detail counts.

But we not only offer quality construction and reform projects, but that we also base our philosophy in certain values that make us different from other companies: sincerity, transparency, care to detail, the value of the given word and listening. Values that they have always prevailed in our corporate culture and that we never give up to be able to continue offering always the best service and that the customer is completely satisfied, providing solutions that meet your expectations.

  • Sincerity and transparency: keep to the clients of the developments carried out in building or reform of their housing. To do this, we have an exclusively private space that you can track the project at all times. We classify and organize the proposals and documents in a private area of the web to which only you have access. So you can see directly and easily as the project becomes a reality.


  • Care to detail: workflow that starts is thorough, and interactive. We implement the methodologies necessary to avoid surprises and that the result is just what the customer has asked us. In this way, it is possible to visualize time all issues related to the design and make joint decisions based on customer preferences. In addition, we teach you a 3D design so that you can know the House will look like before the reform.


  • The value of the given word: have always low controls each phase of the process of reform of the House. And, if it is the construction of a new home, we offer a complete service to help the customer in every phase of the same, from the search of land suitable for the construction of the House until the maintenance of the same when it has already been completed.


  • Listen: before making the new house design or offer solutions for the reform we hear all your needs and suggestions so that the results are perfectly adapted to your own lifestyle and that of your family. To do this, we conducted an interview and we provide you with a questionnaire which you will have to fill, so we know with all detail what you are looking for. And it is that our top priority is to understand what you need.


On the other hand, you must take into account that the reforms of houses in Majorca are not only a great choice to adapt housing to the needs of their owners, but it is also a great way to revalue a property When we want to put it on sale. And it is that it is much easier and faster to sell a House that gives a good impression and has unique features in the area to a home with qualities that can be found in many other. In this sense, investing in a comprehensive or partial reform will make our property stand out above the rest. Not only that, but you can also get higher returns from the sale, recover the expenditure made in the reform and make one greater profit he could have obtained initially.

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