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The 10 best plans and places to visit in Mallorca in autumn

by Xarxa · September 22, 2023

Mallorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean, offers much more than sun and beach. Autumn is a delightful season on the Balearic Island, with mild temperatures ranging from 27 to 15°C, fewer crowds, and an autumnal color palette that transforms the landscape. Whether you plan to visit Mallorca during this time of year or are a resident on the island, here are the top 10 plans and places to explore:

1. Hiking Routes in the Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. In autumn, the temperatures are ideal for exploring this spectacular mountain range. Enjoy panoramic views and the red and golden hues of the forests. 

2. Grape Harvest Festivals or "Festes de Sa Vermada"

Mallorca is known for its wine production, and in autumn, many wineries celebrate grape harvest festivals. Join in the grape-picking and savor local wines in a festive atmosphere. From September 6th to October 21st, exhibitions, sports events, contests, and parades make up the program of the LVII Festa des Vermar 2023, celebrated once again in the wine-producing municipality of Binissalem, centered around grape culture.

3. Visit Local Markets

Mallorca's local markets are filled with fresh seasonal produce in autumn. Explore the colorful Santa Catalina Market in Palma or the traditional market in Sineu.

4. Mallorca Film Festival

If you're a cinephile, October is the perfect time to visit Mallorca and enjoy the Mallorca Film Festival, featuring a selection of national and international films from October 18th to 24th. Here's the full program:

5. Mountain Villages

Picturesque mountain villages like Valldemossa, Deià, and Fornalutx are even more charming in autumn when temperatures are mild, and there are fewer tourists. Discover the top 10 villages to live in Mallorca here:

6. Halloween Celebrations

If you visit Mallorca in October, look for Halloween events and themed parties held in some bars and nightclubs. Additionally, the Halloween celebration in the town of Alaró gains more popularity each year, where both young and old dress up and go trick-or-treating door to door. The town hall organizes activities in the town square, and more people attend each year.

7. Explore Natural Parks

Mallorca's natural parks are ideal for birdwatching and enjoying nature in autumn. The Mondragó Natural Park and the Albufera Natural Park are excellent options.

8. Cave Exploration

Mallorca is famous for its stunning caves, such as the Cuevas del Drach and the Cuevas de Artà. Autumn is the perfect season to explore these underground wonders and enjoy an underground concert.

9. Water Sports

If you're into water sports, autumn is a good time for kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Mallorca.

10. Autumn Gastronomy

Don't miss the chance to enjoy delicious Mallorcan cuisine in autumn. Try traditional dishes like "sopa mallorquina," "coques de trempó," and homemade stews. As a recommendation, we suggest these wineries: Es Verger in the mountains of Alaró and Restaurant Es Freu d'Orient.

Autumn is a magical season in Mallorca! Take advantage of these recommendations and discover the island in a unique way. From mountain hikes to cultural festivals and culinary delights, Mallorca has much to offer during this season.

Remember that if you fall in love with the island during your autumn visit, Xarxa Homes is here to help you find your perfect place in Mallorca!

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