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Construction and reforms in Mallorca

Integral reforms of homes in Mallorca

It's not just about finding your ideal home, it's just as important to give it shape so that you can feel completely identified with it. Therefore, there is no one better than the Xarxa team to understand the role that housing plays in our lives. We have integrated this activity by studying every detail down to the smallest detail in order to provide a tailor-made response for each client. 

Your home will be the unique space you have always dreamed of!


If you have bought or are thinking of buying a house or an old flat that is already asking for an update, we can advise you on the best way to tackle these reforms. 

Our construction and refurbishment work in Mallorca starts when we ask you to describe your lifestyle, what activities you do at home, what you want to use each room for. We gather as much information as possible to design your personalized renovation project. Without forgetting your preferences about materials or your aesthetic tastes, you are an essential member of our team! 

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