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As is evident, a real estate company dedicates a large part of its activity to the sale of houses. However, at Xarxa Homes we also make a difference with respect to the conventional concept of a company of these characteristics. Of course you should count on us if you are interested in buying a house in Mallorca. We have a spectacular catalog, with properties that respond to all tastes. Apartments in the city of Palma, apartments and single-family homes in coastal areas or exclusive villas.

But this is not the feature that distinguishes us from the competition. What will make you choose your real estate agent in Mallorca and, above all, stay with us, is the close and personalized treatment you will receive. And, it is not an advertising slogan. We detail you because we are a unique real estate agency in the Balearic Islands.


Xarxa Homes is an avant-garde real estate agency, in which technology and social networks are two essential work tools. But, simultaneously, we vindicate the irreplaceable role played by direct contact and personal communication. At least, that's how all our team members understand it. We contact you when you need us and we establish a closer relationship adapting to the rhythm that you set us. The experience is that we accumulate more satisfied customers every day. An incredible encouragement for us to continue advancing and perfecting this line!

We are very clear that the more you tell us about your tastes, your lifestyle, the specific use you want to give to that home you want to buy, the closer we are to finding your perfect home in Mallorca. We are not so interested in offering you one property after another as in being sure that each proposal we make meets the conditions that can satisfy you. We are not the protagonists, you are.

Therefore, for us it is an essential tool to know each of our clients. And without intermediaries. The communication is established directly, so that details are not lost or misrepresented, which can be decisive in speeding up and finding the right home.


Everything indicated above is a specific plus that you will find only at Xarxa Homes Real Estate. But, we do not forget that the objective of a real estate agency is to sell houses. Obviously, we are sure of having the best properties and land in Mallorca. It could not be otherwise because that is what our clients demand of us. Much of our work, the least visible, is keeping up to date with how the Mallorcan real estate market is moving in real time. It is essential that we know what is demanded and what is available for our role as intermediaries to be truly effective.

We are in an advantageous position compared to other more general real estate agencies. The one that provides us with our deep knowledge of Mallorca and the baggage of decades of experience working in the construction and real estate development sector in Mallorca. We are linked, from our origins, to the evolution and profound transformations that have taken place on this earth. We have even been the direct protagonists of some of these advances on more than one occasion. If the home of your dreams exists in Mallorca, you can be sure that we will find it!

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