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Complete advice, from the first moment in which the client requires our attention. Only a multidisciplinary and experienced team like Xarxa Homes can offer this complete service. We take care of the entire organization that involves a construction site. It doesn't matter if your project is a family home, our specialty, or a commercial premises. And we do not distinguish between a minor or major work.

All our interest is put to work with the sole objective that you obtain the optimal result, in the shortest possible time!

It is about avoiding our clients all the burdens and waste of time that the construction project of their house entails. Furthermore, as we are experts in the construction sector, it is easy for us to guide you and advise you on those technical details that make the difference between enjoying the home of your dreams or settling for one to have one more home.

This Project Management service is interesting for anyone who wants to build their house in Mallorca. But, it is essential for the many foreigners who want to make this idyllic island their place of residence.

We help you overcome the barrier of being miles away from where your home is being built!


This is the main quality of this service, proximity. From the first moment we sit face to face with each client. This interview helps us to know exactly your preferences and needs. Direct communication is our best tool, it allows us to perfectly understand what you want, because that is the basis of our work.

We will talk to you whenever you need it, with absolute availability. But, you can directly monitor the evolution of your project. And, you will have personal access to the Xarxa Homes website. In your private area you will see at any time all the information regarding your home. You will have videos, images and a step-by-step of the works. Building your home can be fun!


When we considered offering this service, we were clear that, at the customer service level, what we seek is to avoid problems. A direct and transparent management, nothing to make you dizzy with countless calls. Therefore, the team of professionals involved in the construction of your house is as complete as needed. But the contact is made through a single interlocution. Thus, in addition, we avoid confusion in the transmission of information.


If we tell you that we take care of everything, we are not exaggerating. We are sticking to the absolute reality! Once you have contacted Xarxa Homes, we put all our resources at your disposal. If you have not found the perfect site, don't worry, we will find it for you. And, we guarantee that it exists and that nobody like us to locate it. We know every corner of the island of Mallorca, it is our home and the territory in which we have been concentrating our real estate activity for more than 50 years.

We summarize the steps in which this Project Management service is structured, you will verify that it covers all your needs and, at the same time, it is a simple approach that frees you from obligations:


  • Personal interview, we need to know your dreams to make them come true!


  • Preparation of the dossier, we shape and put on paper everything you need!


  • Acquisition of the lot, in case you have to buy it. If you already have it, we will visit it to check the conditions of the work live.


  • We propose a first draft with an economic valuation, so that you study all the conditions.


  • Presentation of the final project, in which we have included your modifications and made the appropriate adaptations. Of course, it contains a detailed budget. Also, it's time to start administrative procedures or procedures, a matter that our team deals with.


  • Start of works. Previously we provided you with a calendar where specific construction times are contemplated. At this time you can also add the changes or adjustments that you consider necessary.


  • Completion of works, signing of deed and handing over of keys. Previously, we will have taken care of contracting all the supply services and others that you have considered necessary, such as security or garden maintenance, for example.


But, our proposal is to continue serving your interests. To start, your private area is not closed, we keep it open to continue solving your questions and requests. Keep in mind that we offer you a wide range of services that go beyond the construction of your home.

On the one hand, there is the entire bulk made up of maintenance services. From punctual or continuous cleaning, to plumbing or electricity repairs. Also, the care of the pool or garden and thus endless possibilities.

But, in addition, just as we did throughout the process of building your home, you can leave all the accounting, legal and administrative procedures that you have to attend to our experts.

We bring you our knowledge, experience and ideas. We form a united team with you in order to build the home you dream of. Comfort, quality, sustainability and ... the incomparable Mediterranean setting of Mallorca!


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