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Do you have a property in Mallorca and want to sell it? Before making any minimum decision, we recommend that you call us. A first contact and the entire Xarxa Homes team immediately put ourselves to work to make that sale a reality soon and with the most advantageous conditions for you. Not only can we guarantee it by putting our experience on the table, it also endorses a different way of understanding real estate activity.

There are many differences that you will find from the first moment in our service as a real estate agency in Mallorca. They all work in your favor, because if you feel satisfied, we do too. Before doing a review of some of the qualities that make Xarxa Homes a unique real estate company in Mallorca, we remind you that for us communication is the key tool to achieve the common goal, that you sell your property soon and at the best price!


In those cases of the agencies most committed to the need to sell of their clients, a concrete study is usually made of the real estate market in that area, what are the homes with which it competes and, above all, the profiles of the buyers and what they are demanding. An investigation that sometimes leads them directly to reject certain homes because they consider that it will be difficult to find a buyer. We already assure you that with Xarxa Homes that will never happen to you, your home is our home and we give it our full attention!

The truth is that, our team already has a transcendental advantage over any other real estate agency, the deep and detailed knowledge we have of the real estate sector in Mallorca. We know exactly what type of properties are moving best, and at the same time, we know buyers perfectly because we've been dealing with them for years. An experience that can only be gained after years of direct field work. In this sense, we have no competitors.


For us, the sale of your house will never become one more photo that is part of our catalog. What really interests us is being able to withdraw it as soon as possible, because that will mean that we have sold it. But, we are not naive. At Xarxa Homes we are professionals in the real estate sector in Mallorca and, therefore, very aware of the effort involved in successfully ratifying each of our sales operations.

We have learned from our daily work that even the most attractive property can end up in the unsold corner if you don't pay attention to it. Hence, we prefer to define our way of acting as proactive. At Xarxa Homes we commit to each client in a personalized way. It is not about empty promises without any consideration on our part. On the contrary, from minute zero we will start all the instruments that we have in our real estate so that this sale is possible.


It is not about overwhelming you, but listening to you. At Xarxa Homes we do not receive you the first day and we forget about you until the time of the sale of your property. We need to know your priorities, your needs and your reality in order to help you in the best possible way. Therefore, our working method implies continuous contact with each client.

We make you participate in our activity. Therefore, whether or not there is a specific offer from a potential buyer, you will receive reports that summarize all the activity that has been carried out in the sale of your home. The contacts who have been interested in your home, those who have ended up arranging a visit, those who have wanted to repeat that visit ... But, the report does not only refer to direct information about your property.

We also send you an updated summary of how the real estate market is, changes in prices or any other detail that may influence the sale of your home. Of course, whenever there is a visit, we send you an email in which we transmit your comments and reactions, along with any observation that we consider of interest to you. With all this information we develop new strategies or modify the one we had established.

We can assure you that you are not one more page in our property portfolio, none of the clients we have are. You are a person who wants or needs to sell your property and trust our professionals to get it. And our obligation is not to disappoint you. Also our vocation, because we are moved by a deep passion for our work. The combination of knowledge and vocation defines us as a company. It is a perfect balance so that reaching our goals is a continuous reality. And our objective is one, to help you sell your house sooner than you imagined and in a more than advantageous way for you!


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