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Real estate advice to sellers in Mallorca

Do you have a property in Mallorca and want to sell it?

We make a personal commitment to each client. From the very first moment, we will use all the instruments at our real estate agency to make the sale possible. At Xarxa we are professionals in the real estate sector in Mallorca and, for this reason, we are very aware of the effort thatinvolves successfully ratifying each of our sales transactions.

Our working method involves continuous contact with each client. We make you a participant in our activity thanks to the preparation of reports. These reports summarise all the activity that has been carried out in the sale of your home. The contacts who have been interested in your property, those who have ended up arranging a visit, those who have wanted to repeat the visit...

We also send you an updated summary of the state of the property market, changes in prices or any other detail that may have an influence on the sale of your home. Of course, whenever there is a viewing, we send you an email with their comments and reactions, along with any observations that we consider

to be of interest to you. Our goal is one, to help you sell your house sooner than you imagined and in a way that is more than advantageous for you!

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