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Although our dream is to have an ideal house, one of those we see on the covers of magazines, the reality is that most of our homes are small. The good news is that this does not imply that you give up enjoying each of those meters. These are the best tricks to decorate small spaces. Simple but so effective that you will lack time to put them all into practice!




Before undertaking certain minimal reforms or other more forceful actions, there is an essential first step that you cannot skip. It's up to you to review the rooms of your house one by one with your most practical vision. The objective, that you collect all those that you are not using and take it out of your house.


decorate small spaces


Yes, exactly, it is time for you to apply that philosophy of minimize and sort How fashionable the Japanese Marie Kondo has become. It is pure logic, less space, less storage of unnecessary elements. Of course you can keep certain objects that for you have a very special aesthetic value, but try to be as rigorous as possible with the selection criteria. You always have the option of renting a furniture repository to store what you do not fit at home. Or the most solidary and gratifying option of donating it to different NGOs that will give it more utility.




This is an architectural formula that does not fail and that is recommended by all professionals in home renovation. A wall not only generates a visual dwarfing of a space, it is that it objectively occupies a space, subtracting a few centimeters that, in a small house, are decisive. This detail explains the interest in industrial style that has spread so much in recent years, with a single large open space that combines a living room, kitchen, dining room and even a bedroom.

But not everyone finds this idea of ​​lack of privacy practical and comfortable. Therefore, we offer you an intermediate option. Throw away permanent partitions and replace them with solutions that allow you to open or close spaces as needed. Japanese panels and sliding doors they are ideal to fulfill this function. Furthermore, they have incredible decorative value.


decorate small spaces



If anything is recovering in recent times it is the value of multifunctionality. We demand of ourselves multitasking, ability to do multiple things at once, and all at peak performance. How can we not demand the same from our belongings and the objects that surround us? This idea transferred to the world of decorating your home to gain space can be easily achieved.

To begin with, we have already talked about the multifunctional furniture. Beds that have storage space, sofas transformed into beds, seats with drawers or headboards that serve as an office table are essential in small homes.

In addition, there are elements that can enhance the feeling of spaciousness of the spaces. Basically it is about playing with light and colors. The bigger your windows, the more natural light and the more feeling of space. On the other hand, wall painting is an excellent tool for creating optical effects. For example, paint the ceiling lighter than the walls to increase the feeling of height.


tricks decorating small spaces


You have seen how the key is not so much the meters you have, but how you take advantage of them. Without a doubt, these tricks to decorate small spaces have opened your eyes. Since Xarxa Homes we will always propose practical ideas. Do not stop visit our website, where you can find the home you dream of.


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