The best events of February 2024 in Mallorca

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Welcome to our blog, where every corner of Mallorca is transformed into a unique experience! This February, we dive into the island's vibrant cultural tapestry, filling your days with an eclectic mix of events. From artistic elegance to sporting excitement and local traditions, join us on a journey through the highlights Mallorca has in store for you this month - get ready for a February full of discoveries and unforgettable memories!

Sa Rua and Sa Rueta Carnival in Mallorca

Sa Rueta 4 February and Sa Rua 11 February

Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, colour and joy as Mallorca is transformed into the setting for one of the most anticipated events of the year: Carnival! Get ready to be part of a unique celebration, where the streets come alive with extravagant parades, creative costumes and an infectious energy.

In Mallorca, Carnival is commonly known as 'els Darrers Dies', referring to the days leading up to Christian Lent. Sa Rua 2024 is scheduled for Sunday the 11th of February at 5:00 pm, while the previous Sunday, the 4th of February, Sa Rua will delight the little ones at 10:30 am. Once Sa Rua is over, the awards ceremony will be held for the winning floats and troupes in the annual competition, which takes place in the Plaça Rei Joan Carles I. Furthermore, on Saturday the 10th of February, s'Arenal will be the epicentre of Carnival. Join the celebration full of colour, creativity and tradition!


  • Horeca Baleares Mallorca at Velòdrom Illes Balears (5 to 7 February): Food and hospitality enthusiasts can enjoy the Horeca Baleares Mallorca event at Velòdrom Illes Balears, Carrer de l'Uruguai, s/n. The fair promises to provide the perfect environment to do business, build valuable connections and explore the latest developments in the exciting world of hospitality and catering.

Comedy and entertainment

Get ready for a dose of laughter and entertainment in beautiful Mallorca this February. Two outstanding events promise to turn your evenings into joyful experiences:

  • Paco & Maite: "Imperfect Marriage" at Restaurant Es Molí d'es Comte (February 14): Embark on a night full of laughter with Paco & Maite at Restaurant Es Molí d'es Comte, located at Carrer del Molí del Comte, 44.
  • Excusez Moi - Live Show KG970 in Pa'lante (15th and 16th February): Get ready for a unique comedy experience with "Excusez Moi" in Pa'lante, Carrer Gremi d'Hortelans, 13.

Live music and festivals

Discover the island's vibrant music scene as we head into a February full of rhythm and melody. From intimate gigs to foundation-shaking festivals, Mallorca becomes the musical epicentre of the Mediterranean this month.

  • The Gramophone Allstars at La Mirona (9 February): Immerse yourself in a night full of rhythm and good music with The Gramophone Allstars at La Mirona, located at Carrer de Sant Jaume, 21.
  • Sergio Dalma at the Auditorium in Palma de Mallorca (17th and 24th February): Immerse yourself in the emotion of Sergio Dalma on two magical nights. On the 17th of February at 21:00 and the 24th of February at 20:00, the Auditorium will be the setting for a unique musical experience.
  • Hard GZ - Tour 23/24 at Es Gremi Centre Musical (24th and 25th February): The urban scene comes to life with Hard GZ on a tour that will rock Es Gremi Centre Musical. Enjoy their energy on 24 and 25 February at Carrer Gremi de Porgadors, 16 in Son Castelló.
  • Queen, the Symphonic Rhapsody at Trui Teatre (25th February): If you're a Queen fan, don't miss this symphonic show on 25th February at Trui Teatre, Camí de Son Rapinya, 29.

Get ready for a unique musical experience with two events that fuse the excitement of electronic and alternative music:

  • ISEO & DODOSOUND at Es Gremi Centre Musical (23 February): Immerse yourself in the world of alternative music with ISEO & DODOSOUND at Es Gremi Centre Musical, Carrer Gremi de Porgadors, 16.
  • Raxon @ R33 Mallorca (29th February): If you're passionate about electronic music, don't miss Raxon's performance at R33 Mallorca, Carrer Poima, 24.

And so we end this incredible journey through the events that filled Mallorca with fun and good energy this month! From infectious laughter at the comedy nights to the enveloping rhythms of electronic and alternative music, each event is a key piece in the jigsaw of the Mallorcan cultural scene.

Thanks to everyone who joined in this February party! Be ready for more adventures, laughter and tunes at the exciting events that await us next month - Mallorca, always vibrant, always exciting, see you soon!


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