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Maximizing Black Friday Deals:

by Xarxa · November 21, 2023

Black Friday, formerly a Friday, more specifically the fourth Friday of the month of November but the truth is, we don't really know how it happened but we have been receiving Black Friday offers all month long, is it the same for you?

We, passionate about new trends in decoration, have fallen into the temptation of exploring furniture, textiles, accessories... interior design is our downfall. We already have in mind that beautiful natural wood chest of drawers and those ecru sheepskin armchairs that are so fashionable this year. What about changing the lamp in the living room to give it a warmer touch? If that sounds familiar, you're in the right place, because we've analysed our purchases from previous years and are here to share our experience on how not to waste money on impulse buys.

What you DO spend your money on:

First of all make a list of what you need, this way you will avoid last minute inpulsive and unnecessary purchases.

  1. Take advantage of discounts on real needs:

    • Take advantage of discounts on things you really need or have been wanting to buy for a long time. However, be careful, as some companies raise prices days or weeks before Black Friday and then make sales that appear to be more significant. Use tools like Price Tracker to ensure you're getting the real deal.
  2. Useful and stylish products:

    • Invest in things that you will really use and that you have been wanting and thinking about for a long time. That fit your lifestyle, tastes and preferences. Whether it's furniture, clothes or decoration, make sure they fit you perfectly. Practical example: Knowing your lifestyle means that a portable blender might be a piece of junk to someone else, but you use it every day to take your smoothie out of the house.
  3. Necessary appliances:

    • Take the opportunity to replace broken appliances, as the discounts are often significant. Large appliances are necessary purchases and not impulse purchases (well, there are exceptions such as the bottle fridge that you want so badly integrated into the kitchen, but that is another matter). We also have our little secret. is a website to compare electrical appliances and other products and choose the one that best suits your needs. Try it, you won't regret it.
  4. Christmas gifts:
    • You will have to think very well about the person you want to give a gift to and evaluate if they will use it or if it will make them happy because the good part is that you can save a lot of money but the bad part is that they won't be able to return it if you give it to them at Christmas. 

What NOT to waste money on:

  1. Unplanned purchases:

    • Avoid buying something you hadn't previously considered. Don't fall into the trap of needing something just because it is cheaper now. This is a need created out of nothing and you will end up losing money.
  2. Objects that take up unnecessary space:

    • If your house is already cluttered, avoid buying items that take up space and create visual clutter. Think about functionality and real need before adding more junk to your drawers. For example, the typical potato cutter that cuts potatoes in 4 different ways, if you already have knives and cutting boards at home, you will only be adding one more piece of junk to your kitchen.
  3. Decoration without a destination:

    • Don't buy vases, pictures, candles, frames, cushions... and decoration without a previously assigned place in your home. Avoid accumulating objects that do not match the style and colours of your home.
  4. Books in physical format:

    • Prioritise buying books in digital format to avoid accumulating too many physical objects at home. Reserve space for picture books that are really worthwhile.
  5. Fad clothing:

    • Buy clothes that suit your preferred style and colours rather than following temporary fads. Think about your lifestyle otherwise you are buying clothes that you might not even wear. Yes, you know Vinted is full of these clothes. Why is that? Also take into account your lifestyle, if you are teleworking you might not need five suits or so many office clothes and you might need something more comfortable. Or if you're in front of the public, you'll have to allocate a bit more of a budget.
  6. Uncomfortable Footwear::

    • Invest in comfortable, quality footwear instead of giving in to the temptation of those beautiful shoes that are so trendy but so uncomfortable that you probably won't wear. Yes, we're talking about those beautiful but uncomfortable shoes that you won't wear, don't buy them, they can torture your feet so much that they'll hurt for a week, you know which ones we're talking about, right?
  7. Bargains on expensive but unnecessary items:

    • Avoid buying expensive things just because they are on sale. Make sure that you will really use them and that they won't become unnecessary items. Has it ever happened to you with a piece of furniture that you can't find or that expensive bag that you don't wear for fear of getting it stained?

In short, Black Friday can be a very good opportunity to make smart purchases, as long as you focus on your real needs and avoid falling into the traps of impulse buying. Take advantage of the offers in a conscious way and enjoy your purchase!


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