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The 5 decorating trends that will be the biggest hits in 2024

by Xarxa · November 10, 2023

When it comes to decorative trends, there are two opposing positions: those who embrace them naturally and those who choose not to follow the current. However, for the latter group, avoiding them and not succumbing to them can be a very challenging task. Because, even though it is something intangible and hard to measure, decorative trends exist, surround us, and are part of our everyday lives. In fact, there is even a widely accepted rule, the "20-year rule," which asserts that fashion follows cycles that repeat every two decades. In other words, everything that was popular at the beginning of the millennium is now back in style. But beware! This doesn't mean that your IKEA furniture from 15 years ago is suddenly in vogue again.

This rule is easy to apply and visualize in the realm of fashion, but in the world of design and architecture, trends often move at a different pace. Each interior design trend reflects a moment in time, a response to the changing needs and aspirations of society. They don't emerge in a vacuum but are shaped by influences ranging from cultural experiences to technological and social advances. And most importantly, each new idea draws nourishment from those that precede it. Designers, architects, and interior designers skillfully navigate this ocean of possibilities, blending elements from the past with contemporary innovations to create unique and functional spaces that inspire and enrich our lives.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, we have revisited some of the projects we have liked the most in recent months to identify possible trends that we will see everywhere next year. For a trend to be a trend, a few must pave the way. Take note of our personal forecast.

1. The Neo-Classical Revolution

The interior designer Jim Dierckx, known for his ability to reinterpret classical architecture, anticipates the revival of the "neo-classical" style. In 2024, we will see columns, friezes, and cornices reinterpreted in modern spaces, creating environments of timeless elegance. The fusion of classical and contemporary elements with geometric and minimalist shapes is evident in his projects, and this trend promises to endure in the world of design. In practical terms, we could say that renovations of old spaces with modern furniture are very much in vogue.

2. Biophilic design is more than just a trend

Biophilic design, which aims to incorporate nature into interior spaces, has been a consistent trend in the past two years and will reach its peak next year. The connection with nature extends beyond the inclusion of plants and natural materials, encompassing nature-inspired lighting, organic forms, and the creation of interior spaces that evoke the feeling of being outdoors. This trend is evident in projects like 'Casa Hernández' in Madrid, where nature is integrated into the design of the home to create a fresh and inviting environment.

3. Faced with small living spaces, Multifunctional furniture

The shift towards multifunctional decoration is a response to the evolution of modern life. The increase in family size or remote work is driving this trend with each passing year. Small spaces and the growing need for flexibility at home are leading to a greater adoption of furniture and accessories that serve multiple purposes. From folding tables to sofas with storage, saving space is the key. This approach is illustrated in projects such as that of Heimat Studio, which works magic with available square footage to create flexible and open spaces.

4. The new minimalism: Minimalism with color

Minimalism will continue to be a significant influence in interior design, but with a twist in the use of color. 2024 will be characterized by sterile spaces with bold chromatic touches on ceilings, furniture, artwork, and accessories. The contrast between simplicity and the vibrancy of color will create a sense of balance and energy. This innovative approach is evident in projects like the precisely lined bathroom designed by the artist and architect Alex Tolkachev.

5. Total home Integration of technology through Home Automation (Domotics)

Technology will continue to play an essential role in interior design in 2024. Home automation (domotics) and technology integrated into furniture and architectural elements will be the norm. From smart lighting systems to mirrors with touch screens, technology seamlessly and discreetly integrates into our homes. Illustrating this, the German brand GIRA presents its new Gira One home automation system, which provides complete control over lighting, music, security, and more, all in one.

In summary, ready to give your home decor a twist? 2024 promises inspiration and creativity in every corner!

At Xarxa Homes, we'll be delighted to assist you in incorporating these trends into your home in Mallorca. Feel free to contact us for advice and to find the perfect property! Stay updated on the latest trends and ensure your home reflects your style and personality. The year 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting chapter in the world of interior design, and you won't want to be left behind. Get ready to add a fresh and contemporary touch to your space!


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