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Home Staging is one of our most exclusive activities. At Xarxa Homes we do not turn our backs on the cases that seem more complicated, those that other real estate agencies rule out since they are properties that cost to sell longer than expected.

Why resign yourself to selling in three months if you can do it in one? Above all, when the reason for that failure has an easy solution in most cases. Home Staging is nothing more than a "set-up" of your home to make it more attractive.

It is a marketing technique that the real estate markets of the most advanced countries have been applying for some years. Once again, we are proud to have been pioneers implementing this effective method in Mallorca. Xarxa Homes always at the forefront when it comes to progress!


It is likely that you have seen a television program with this argument. A team of interior designers visits a house whose owners are overwhelmed because they need to sell it as soon as possible. They analyze its decoration, small defects that it may present and its potential virtues. With all these data, a crash plan is proposed to adapt that property to what has the best outlet on the market. Basically, that is what our Home Staging service in Mallorca proposes.

In most of the occasions, it is enough to change some furniture of place or to give a more logical function to a room. Sufficient measures so that you yourself are surprised with the new image of your house. Other times you need a coat of paint or put a lamp in that point of light that you have left only with a light bulb because it is a room that you do not use. Our team will always look for the formula that is most effective without you having to incur large expenses and you can sell your house quickly.


Don't be surprised, but it has been proven that it is more difficult to sell a house when it is not furnished. It is true that many of our clients were convinced otherwise before consulting us. There is a widespread feeling that seeing empty rooms makes them feel bigger than they really are and, therefore, they sell better. And that, in addition, allows the future buyer to imagine with more freedom the possibilities offered by that house, without the conditioning of the tastes of another. An extraordinary mistake!

A house, as it is also said of a meal, enters first by sight. Normally people find it difficult to understand spaces, to visualize their potential in the abstract. A difficulty that Xarxa Homes interior designers and decorators know first-hand, these professionals have found in 3D simulations their best ally to get customers to understand their proposals.

With Home Staging something similar happens. Our experts analyze your house and design a project to enhance the qualities of your property. The idea is to get the most out of it both in the photographs and in the visits that potential buyers make. And, as a result, that you not only sell your house quickly but at the best price on the market.


The set-up proposal is very different depending on the type of housing being worked on. The sale has nothing to do seeing a charming mini apartment with that of a luxury villa. Our specialists are very clear that this is the starting point. Therefore, they always propose a budget proportional to the benefit you are going to obtain from the sale of your property. It would not be logical to insinuate the purchase of high-end furniture to sell a modest apartment in a student area. Or that you furnish every last corner of a house with multiple rooms in which it is sufficient to enhance the main rooms.

We guarantee that we will always propose the essential expense for you to obtain the maximum benefit. Our team will consider different possibilities with you, because the last word is that of the client. Of course, you must be clear that this transformation operation does not have an aesthetic but a commercial objective. We do not take into account the “beauty” of the changes, but rather it adjusts as much as possible to what the buyers are demanding. We have previously carried out a study of current trends and that is what we intend for the property you are trying to sell to convey.

Don't sit idly by, or settle for nothing for an answer. As we have told you, experience has shown us that there is always a reason to explain why you cannot find a buyer for your home or premises. It is often as simple as tidying up and relocating furniture. Of course, it must be done from the perspective of a professional. Our team of experts turns any home into one worthy of appearing on the cover of a decoration magazine. You won't recognize her!


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