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Decorate your home with style and simplicity!

by Xarxa · November 27, 2023

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching: Christmas. And while we love getting into the festive spirit, we don't always have the time for elaborate decorations. But don't worry, because here are four quick and easy ideas to transform your home into a Christmas paradise without going crazy in the process.

1. Festive Bouquets: Holly, Eucalyptus, Pine and Cotton Boughs

Let's start with something we all love: bouquets. No, not those bouquets that only last a week, but Christmas bouquets that will brighten up your home for the whole season. Grab a few sprigs of holly, eucalyptus and some cotton branches for a cosy, soft touch. As well as being decorative, pine and eucalyptus give a fresh scent to any room. Place them in clear glass vases or recycled bottles painted in festive colours - it's simple, quick and will give your space a rustic yet elegant touch!

2. Table runners with candles, pine cones and plant branches

Want to impress your guests at Christmas dinner without spending hours setting the table? Go for simple table runners with candles and pine branches. Place a table runner in festive colours, add some candles of different heights and complete with fresh pine branches. Voilà! You'll have a table worthy of a Christmas decorating magazine in minutes. Our personal touch: add a few sprigs of rosemary or laurel for a little natural scent.

3. Details on napkins: names and Christmas trees

Who said napkins are just for wiping your hands? Give your table a personalised touch by adding Christmas details. Fold them creatively in the shape of Christmas trees or write the names of your loved ones in festive letters by making a holder out of two candy canes - simple, isn't it? As well as being practical, it's a great way to make your guests feel special!

4. Wreaths for all tastes: wreaths and various decorations

Wreaths are the perfect solution to add Christmas cheer to any corner of your home. Opt for a wreath garland to hang on doors or windows. Another option is to use shorter garlands to decorate shelves, banisters or even the headboard of your bed. Mix boughs, pinecones, balls and lights for a festive and cosy decoration. You can also buy remote-controlled candles and lights so you can install your decorations on ceilings or in places without power.

So this year, stop stressing about decorating and join the trend of easy, quick and beautiful. With these simple ideas, your home will be ready to receive the magic of Christmas without sacrificing hours of your valuable time.

Happy holidays and may the decorations always be present in your home!

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